Friday, January 9, 2015

Are you a Nephilim?

Want to find out your odds of ending up like Emma Jane Hellsbane, roped into being Heaven's bounty hunter? Take this easy quiz and find out!

When you're done, don't forget to check out HELLSBANE HEREAFTER, the final chapter in my HELLSBANE series!

Or grab the COMPLETE series! 

Now...let's see if you've got any angelic DNA swimming around inside you.
Don't forget to leave a comment. Let me know if we should be worried about you, or call you when things get weird.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Raise a little HELL in 2015!

Ring in the New Year right. Now you can get the complete HELLSBANE series! 

The final book is out, HELLSBANE HEREAFTER is on SALE now for a limited time for only 
Download HELLSBANE HEREAFTER and the rest of the Hellsbane series before the sale ends!

Taking sides could be deadly...
The war between good and evil is on, and nephilim Emma Jane is caught in the middle. Both sides want her working for them. And both sides know how to make her suffer if they don't like her choice. Now someone has raised the stakes and is using innocent humans as pawns in the ultimate fight for humanity...
Emma Jane isn’t sure which side is responsible. What she used to believe about right and wrong, good and evil—even what she used to believe about herself—is changing. Because whether she likes it or not, the final reckoning comes down to Emma Jane Hellsbane. And she'll have to choose between humanity...and the man she was never supposed to love.

"What if, in the end, I never really had a choice? What if, because of my father, I was born to go bad?"

“Michael said—”
“Michael will say whatever he must.” He cut me short. “His work is paramount. He is guided by divine decree. But, Emma Jane, the truth is his mistress and he can twist and turn her to fit his needs.”
“I know.” Good God, I knew better than most that angels take great liberty with the truth. “But he’s not lying about this, or twisting things. I can…I can feel it. You can go home again if you want it.”
“I can’t. At least not by Michael’s hand alone.”
“Eli, just listen to me—”
“It’s not up to Michael.” His broad shoulders rose and fell with a deep sigh, and he began again. “Michael is powerful, perhaps the most powerful of all seraphim. But he is only a seraph. My absolution is not his to give. Only our Father can welcome me home again. No one else.”
“And Michael has your Father’s ear,” I said.
Eli’s lips pressed into a flat line, and he shook his head, looking away. “It’s a fool’s hope.”
“But it’s possible. All you have to do is ask for forgiveness…and, y’know, stop sinning.” My face warmed.
He raised a brow. “Is that right? And by sinning you mean lying with you?”
I nodded, swallowing the sudden thickness in my throat. Just the thought of being with him, the way his tone warmed, the look in his eyes, made my body stir. Not good if we were going to stick to that no-sinning thing.
“And you’re all right with this? You no longer want to share my bed?” He stepped closer.
I shrugged, pretending it was no big deal. But what came out sounded more like desperate denial. “I mean, well…y’know…”
He stepped closer, his hands going to my hips, and my breath caught, my heart jumping in my chest. “Eli…”
“What if I don’t want to stop?” His voice washed over me, a soft, soothing caress. “What if there’s nothing more I want than to have you in my bed, to feel your body next to mine?”
“You’re only saying that because you don’t believe you can go back.” I couldn’t stop the stupid quaver in my voice. My mouth was so dry it was hard to swallow.
His arms slipped around me, big hands splaying at the small of my back, pulling me to him. He leaned down, whispering against my ear. “I say that because I want you in my bed. I want to feel your body next to mine. I want to feel my body inside of yours.”
I exhaled a shaky breath, and everything inside me melted. “That’s not fair.”
“No. It’s not.” His breath warmed against my neck, his lips pressing softly again and again, trailing kisses down to my collarbone. Each touch was like gasoline on a fire, and heat flamed through me, my mind spinning.
I knew I should pull away, make him stop. I couldn’t. I sighed, resigned to the inevitable. 


Download HELLSBANE HEREAFTER and the rest of the Hellsbane series before the sale ends!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

What's happenin' hot stuff?

Not a lot here on the frozen tundras of Ohio. But I realized that I hadn't posted anything on this blog thingy since October and it was buggin' me. So...I figured I'd post an update.

Okay, first, HELLSBANE series. Book 3 HELLSBANE HEREAFTER will be coming soon. I swear it! It's all written and ready and sitting somewhere in the mountain of work on my editor's desk. I haven't gotten a cover (but I'm guessing it will have the chick with the "eyebrows" on it in some way.) As soon as I get it and the PTB give me the thumbs up. I'll share it. YAY!!


I'm working on a new project that I'm SUPER excited about. I don't want to give a lot away because...

Okay, because I'm paranoid and superstitious and generally troubled in many, many,...many ways. BUT...I don't mind giving hints. So....

This next project will be a Paranormal (naturally)

Wow. Yeah, but it's still a Romance...

Right... Except not quite so Main Stream Media.

That's more like it. But my new book has nothing to do with vampires. It's more along the lines of...

Exactly! With more...


And of course LOTS of....


And a little...

And through it all there'll be...

So there you have it. That's my current project that will be making its way to a bookshelf near you soon!


I am!

In the mean time check out these latest paranormal romances from my publisher to help get you in the mood...

Haunt Me
by Heather Long

Love At Stake

By Victoria Davies

Beg Me To Slay
By Lisa Kessler

And don't forget to stop by Entangled Publishing Facebook to join in their birthday bash! 
Starting February 24th, Join Entangled authors and team members as we gather to celebrate our 3rd birthday! It'll be a week of games, gossip, fun, and celebration!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

All Entangled Eve hop WINNER!

Once again, a HUGE thank you to everyone who stopped by and shared their spooky Halloween stories. Some of them were seriously creepy. (If you missed them, check out the comments on the hop page here.) It was such fun.

I hope everyone had a tasty fun holiday, but like all good things the All Entangled Eve, A Halloween Hop has come to an end and it's time to draw the winner of two adorable Halloween bears and a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Drum roll please....


Jeanette J

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by and shared their story. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lucky 13 Blog Hop WINNER!!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who stopped by and shared their Halloween treat obsessions. It was such fun reading about some of your favorite memories of the spooky holiday.

But like all good things the Lucky 13 Blog Hop has come to an end and it's time to draw the winner of two adorable Halloween bears and a print copy of HELLSBANE.

So without further ado (weird word, fyi) the winner is...

Tammy Ramey

Didn't win? :-( Cheer up! You still have one more day to enter 
for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card and another pair of those adorable Halloween bears!

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TWO Halloween Blog Hops--TWO chances to WIN!

 I am SOOOO into the season I signed up to participate in TWO Halloween blog hops. They're both running at the same time so that means you have a chance to win DOUBLE the prizes!!

Follow the Lucky 13 blog hop for a chance to win a ton of great prizes along each stop. Then fill out the rafflecopter to win a grand prize Halloween book bundle!

Click the button and leave a comment after the hop post for a chance to win a print copy of HELLSBANE plus two adorable Halloween stuffed bears. (One angle bear--in honor of HELLSBANE and one witch bear in honor of Halloween.

Follow Entangled All Entangled Eve Halloween Hop... Entangled Publishing is hosting a massive blog hop.  With over 50 authors participating, this is your chance to win a ton of fantastic prizes from your favorite authors!

Click the button and leave a comment after the hop post for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card plus two adorable Halloween stuffed bears.

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All Entangled Eve, A Halloween Hop

This Halloween, get SpOoKy, get FuNkY.  Get down this October with AlL EnTaNgLeD EvE.
Entangled Publishing is hosting a massive blog hop.  With over 50 authors participating! Make sure you follow the links below to visit all the stops and have a chance to win a ton of awesome prizes!

 Welcome to my stop on the hop. For you first time visitors, my name is Paige Cuccaro and I'm the author of Entangled Select's urban fantasy series, HELLSBANE.

Someone’s killing angels and turning the half human, half angel illorum warriors against their angelic supporters. If the supernatural baddy behind the attacks isn’t stopped soon, Heaven itself could fall victim. The Council of Seven has called in the best they’ve got to find the killers, and no one’s more surprised than Emma Jane Hellsbane when it’s her phone that rings.
But when her own angelic mentor—and off-limits hottie—Eli is targeted, Emma takes it personally. With Emma hot on the trail of the growing army of assassins, though, hackles start to raise around her. Everyone wants to know if she’s in it to protect all angels or just one in particular. The Council has their suspicions…and so does Emma’s boyfriend.
Now Emma isn’t just fighting off demons, rogue nephilim, and Fallen angels, but she’s defending her honor as well. The problem is even Emma Jane isn’t sure of her motives. One thing she does know: if she doesn’t figure out the killers’ identities soon, she may not live long enough to know what, or who, she really wants.
It’s all in a day’s work as Heaven’s ultimate bounty hunter.

To help get everyone into the spirit of the holiday I'd like to share my own personal ghost story... But first, as part of the blog hop, I'm giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card and these two adorable stuffed teddy bears--one angel bear (in honer of my Hellsbane series), and one witch bear (in honor of the season.)

For a chance to win, tell me if you've ever had a supernatural experience. Ever see a ghost? Tell me about it in the comments and you'll entered in the drawing.

 Okay, so it was years ago, back when I was seventeen or so. My family’s home is out in the boonies—farm fields surrounded by deep forest. One night me, my best friend, Dee, her boyfriend, Steve, and his best friend, Gerry, were hanging out near my home on a tiny one lane bridge off a dead end road. The dead end road passed beside a long open field. At the other end of the field (maybe a quarter of a mile long) was a small brick building owned by a local company. They manufactured something…I was never sure what. But it was just a small one story building with six normal sized windows on each side.
Growing up I’d heard the stories about the horrible accident that happened in that building. Rumor was a worker had gotten caught up in some of the machinery and had been mangled so badly he died. Who knows if that actually happened? But there were all kinds of stories about lights turning on and off at night when no one was there and people seeing someone passing across the windows when the business was closed. The point is the place was supposed to be haunted by this poor dead employee. 
So, this dark night Steve and his friend Gerry were riding Gerry’s dirt bike and it’d broken down at the edge of the building’s parking lot. My friend, Dee and I had driven them in my car to Gerry’s house to get some tools, then back to the bike. I should mention that in the country there aren’t many street lights. Some people have what we called Dusk to Dawn lights provided by the power company, but you don’t really find them along wooded roads or in open fields. The point is, it gets really, really dark.
The building had two lights though and Gerry had left his dirt bike leaning against the pole of one of them. Like I said, it was a small business, small building and therefore a small parking lot—gravel covered. So the tall light was only about ten feet from the corner of the building. Dee and I dropped them off right next to the bike, then drove the quarter mile to the dead end road at the other end of the field to wait for them.
I parked my car right off the main road and Dee and I sat on the little bridge to wait for Steve and Gerry to ride through the field on the repaired bike. It was dark, but we all lived in the area so it wasn’t uncomfortable.
We’d been waiting about thirty minutes when we heard this weird moaning sound. It kind of sounded like a wind up siren that wasn’t quite working right. Dee and I got really quite, listening, trying to figure out what it was.
Then suddenly the sound of feet rushing through knee high grass joined the weird moan, and someone said, “Keep going. Just keep going.”
Dee and I peered through the darkness in the direction of the voice but couldn’t see anything until Steve and Gerry were about 15 feet away…no bike, no tools, both running full tilt through the black night.
They flew over the big steal gate that closed the entrance to the field, ran up the road toward us, ran passed us, over the bridge right up to my car and jumped in. As they raced by I heard Gerry yell. “Get in the car! Get in the car! Get in the Car!”
Steve didn’t really say anything, he was too busy making that weird mewling sound like a broken siren, his arms pumping like a steam train, eyes wide hair—I kid you not—on end!
Dee and I aren’t exactly the brave-in-the-face-of-danger sort, so when our guy friends ran past us, skin pasty white, eyes as big a coke bottles saying, “Get in the car!”
We got in the car!
I think I might have broken the land speed record getting us out of there. We drove to the nearest brightly lit spot—the truck stop down the road—and parked. Steve was shaking like I’d never seen in the back seat. His pale skin had a kind of green tint to it. Gerry was sitting next shaking his head saying, “That didn’t happen. That didn’t happen.”
It took about fifteen minutes for the guys to calm down and when they finally did they told us what had happened after we dropped them off.
Gerry was kneeling down, working on the bike. Steve was standing on the other side handing him tools. Steve’s back was to the building, and Gerry’s view of the building was blocked by Steve. After a few minutes Steve heard a knocking sound. He asked Gerry if he heard it and when he stopped to listen, he said he did.
They stared at each other for a second, listening… knock-knock-knock…knock-knock-knock. Gerry said, “Sounds like someone knocking on a window or something.
Steve turned around and Gerry leaned to the side and both boys looked at the last window nearest them on the building. There, inside the dark building stood a man, light brown hair, kind of long to his shoulders, dressed in a green worker’s uniform. They met his eyes for a half second and then the man backed up four or five steps.
Suddenly his face creased, anger glinting in his eyes and raced straight at the window. The impact of his head against the glass was audible, hitting so hard his skull exploded like a ripe melon. Blood splatter everywhere, gray matter dripping in the mix.
The boys screamed, dropped their tools, let the bike fall and ran. They got maybe twenty feet before they first heard the pound of foot steps behind them. Neither one dared look back, but they knew whoever—whatever was chasing them was gaining fast. Gerry was out in front, with Steve only three or four strides behind. So when something snagged the back of Steve’s shirt, they both knew it.
Steve felt himself jerked back, his feet going out from under before he landed hard on his butt. Gerry didn’t stop. He yelled back, “Keep going! Keep going!”
His friend scrambled to his feet, fighting against the hands pawing at him, trying to hold him down. He didn’t look at what was grabbing him, he just fought his way free started running again. He caught up with Gerry and both boys didn’t stop until they reached my car.
I considered that maybe Gerry and Steve were just messing with us, but if they were, they’re amazing actors. They insisted on leaving their dirt bike and tools in the parking lot where they’d dropped them until the next day, knowing anyone could steal them. So if it was all a trick just to scare me and Dee, they were risking a lot.
I don’t think I’ve ever been as scared as I was that night. And to this day I still refuse to look at that end window when I drive by the little building.

So that's my story. Creep? It was for us. So now it's your turn. Ever see a ghost? Leave a note about it in the comments and be entered in the drawing to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card and these two adorable stuffed teddy bears

The hop runs from October 18th-31st.  Make sure to visit all these authors’ blogs during the hop!  Comment on the various posts, and/or enter for the giveaways based on the author’s instructions.  Discover new-to-you authors.  Discover the awesome giveaways.  They’re spooky.  They’re funky.  You really don’t want to miss it!